The EMSC is a not-for-profit ONG employing only a handful of people in its headquarter. Our organization relies on, and values, the contributions of its members and followers on a variety of projects and activities. If you share our mission and vision and are enthusiastic about helping us on a voluntary basis, a number of tasks and activities might be of interest to you. The biggest uplift to making earthquake-proof a city is the foundation of community resilience. You can start building it here, today.


The LastQuake mobile app is the primary source of earthquake information for the populations affected by earthquakes. Check out the languages currently available in the app. Do you speak a language not included in the list? Help us translate LastQuake into other languages.


Wikipedia is the primary source of information on the web and it can be accessed and edited for free by anyone, everywhere. The EMSC cures several pages on Wikipedia, such as those of major and/or historical earthquakes. Help us writing content and/or translating our pages into various languages.


We are building a supportive community of citizen seismologists. You have something unique to share, and a fertile ground to build your skills of earthquake preparedness and resilience. Follow our LastQuake channels and engage in discussions on the LastQuakers forum.


Donations are a very important funding source for our projects. Thanks to you, the EMSC will get the needed resources for innovative and non-profit developments. Even small donations of a few euros make a valuable and significant contribution to maintaining our services.